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Hey! We're sorta new here...

Posted by marriedpeople on 2006.07.03 at 23:18
Kevin and I met in the best way possible:  THROUGH OUR EXS!  LOL

We went on a double date in October of last year and after talking, we realized that we had more in common with each other than with the people we were actually seeing at the time.  We both have a passion for history, gaming, computers, and (the deepest passion between the two of us) Israel and Zionism (which yeah, I know is weird.  How many Puerto Ricans do you know how are passionate about Israel?  I'm an oddball, I know  LOL). 

We went our seperate ways after that, but met up this past March after a mutual friend invited us both out one nite.  Neither of us knew the other would be there, and neither of us knew that the other was single.  He had just broken up with the skank...err...his gf and the guy I was seeing at the time had decided to go his seperate way.  We friended each other on facebook, began talking over AIM, and (FINALLY) a few days later he asked me out.  We talked about everything and anything that nite and it was incredible.  He asked me out every nite that week, and I saw him every nite till I left Buffalo to come back to NYC for my spring break.  No idea what he felt, but I know each nite I hated having to say goodbye as he dropped me off at my dorm.

Later that month, he proposed for the first time.  A few weeks later (and 3 more tries on his part), I (finally) said yes.  I can't speak for him, but I know I've never been happier.  :-)

He put the ring on my finger officially on April 28, 2006 and we're getting married on March 3, 2007. 

My ex was a fool, but I do thank him because without him, I would have never met the guy I'm so excited about spending the rest of my life with.

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