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How we met ...

Posted by punk_apple on 2005.10.30 at 12:43
How did you meet?:
At work ... and in the Internet on the same time. I was looking for some software at work, on our intranet, for some 10 years old products, when I run to stuff he had written back in the 1990s... I was wondering for nearly a week whether I should ask him or not (after finding his name and chat handle from somewhere) and in the end, "oh well.. I'll just make a total ass of myself but here I go.." that was out first chat, and less than 2 months after that, he got here to see me in location.
We were working for the same company then, but living in different continents.
I was depressed for some work related reasons, and he had a bad day. "Oh no, some agent bugging me for some software stuff I wrote ten years ago? Not today... " but he chose to be nice and pointed me to a server where I could possibly find what I was looking for.
And we chatted.
And we chatted, the next day, and another day .. and chatted, and then he got here the first time ever in location, and people have been asking ever since how long we have known each other, as no one seems to believe it was just over a year ago.
Long distance while he is not here, or I am not there, but it will be solved. I want to spend every moment of my life with him, and that will be the case soon.
So, we met at iChat work.

love balloons

So, how did you meet?

Posted by shr3k on 2005.10.30 at 12:16
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Every love story is different, and nice to hear. And great to tell.

So, how did you meet?

In the Internet, via mutual friends, by accident...?

How long ago was that, and how are you doing now?

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